The High Cost of Loving

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Original Theatrical Date: May 16, 1958

An executive worries he's about to be downsized in this satirical look at corporate life starring José Ferrer and Gena Rowlands in her screen debut.

Things are looking up for Jim Fry (Ferrer). First, his company has just been acquired by a huge conglomerate, which would mean a promotion. And only this morning, his wife of nine years (Rowlands) announced she is finally pregnant. Arriving at work to share his good news, Jim learns of an important luncheon the new owners are throwing to which he's not been invited. Unaware it's merely an oversight, Jim convinces himself he's about to be fired and puts his career in jeopardy when he decides to do something about it. One of seven films directed by José Ferrer, The High Cost of Loving was the only comedy, and it features stellar support from a host of soon-to-be famous sitcom stars, including Jim Backus, Edward Platt, Werner Kemperer, Richard Deacon, Nancy Kulp and Abby Dalton.



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