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Inspired by history and Tennyson's poem ("Into the valley of Death rode the six hundred"), "The Charge of the Light Brigade" tells the tale of a band of British Lancers who challenge an army of 25,000 Russians. The film's highlight: the charge itself, a masterful, pulse-pounding nine minutes of thundering hoofs and flashing sabers that stands up magnificently against any Hollywood action scene of today-and brought 1936's Best Assistant Director Oscar® to Jack Sullivan for his staging of the vaunted sequence. Errol Flynn, fresh off his success as Captain Blood, stars as the leader of the 600 horsemen. Olivia de Havilland, his CaptainBlood leading lady, co-stars. And legendary composer Max Steiner makes his Warner Bros. debut a memorable one with his stirring, heroic musical score.

Trevor Howard Lord Cardigan
Vanessa Redgrave Clarissa
John Gielgud Lord Raglan
Harry Andrews Lord Lucan
Jill Bennett II Mrs. Duberly