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  • Best Editing
  • Best Visual Effects
  • Best Sound
  • Best Sound Effects
  • A theatrical blockbuster at the time of its release in 1999, The Matrix proved to be a mind-blowing advancement in cinematic visual effects.

    Set in the 22nd century, The Matrix tells the story of a computer hacker (Keanu Reeves) who joins a group of underground insurgents fighting the vast and powerful computers who now rule the earth.

    In addition to amazing effects, the stellar cast, including Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Anne Moss, Hugo Weaving and Joe Pantoliano, helped make The Matrix a modern sci-fi classic.

    Keanu Reeves Neo
    Laurence Fishburne Morpheus
    Carrie-Anne Moss Trinity
    Hugo Weaving Agent Smith
    Gloria Foster The Oracle