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  • Best Editing
  • Best Score
  • Best Sound
  • Best Sound Effects
  • In the middle of the 20th century, America pondered its future - and looked to the skies. Based on Tom Wolfe's book, The Right Stuff is the tale of how that future began, a thrilling epic of intrepid test pilot Chuck Yeager and the seven pioneering astronauts of the Project Mercury space program.

    Nominated for eight Academy Awards, including "Best Picture," Philip Kaufman scripts and directs, pushing the envelope with a filmmaking bravado that matches this soaring story of training and heroism; and of sudden fame for which there is no training.

    Ed Harris, Barbara Hershey, Sam Shepard, Dennis Quaid and Fred Ward are among the perfect cast of this winner of four Academy Awards that remains the stuff of must-see entertainment. Let's light this candle, flyboys!

    Sam Shepard Chuck Yeager
    Scott Glenn Alan Shepard
    Ed Harris John Glenn
    Dennis Quaid Gordon Cooper
    Fred Ward Gus Grissom