Passage to Marseille

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Original Theatrical Date: February 15, 1944

Academy Award winner Humphrey Bogart stars as a French patriot who sacrifices almost everything to fight for his country's freedom in Passage to Marseilles.

World War II—Vichy France.

In a harrowing story told in flashback, happily married French journalist Jean Matrac (Bogart) is framed and sentenced to Devil's island by French Fascists. But Matrac devises a bold escape from the legendary island prison, faces death adrift at sea with fellow escapees, helps the loyal crew of a French merchant ship overcome its pro-Fascist captain then fights for his country as a member of Britain's Royal Air Force.

Based on the novel Men Without a Country by Charles Nordhoff and James Norman Hall.

BLU-RAY SPECIAL FEATURES: Warner Night at the Movies: Uncertain Glory Theatrical Trailer (SD); Vintage Newsreel (SD); I Won't Play (SD) - Academy Award Winning Short Subject; Jammin' the Blues (SD) - Academy Award Nominated Musical Short Subject; The Weakly Reporter (SD) - Cartoon Classic; The Free French: Unsung Victors (SD) - Featurette about the WWII French Resistance; Breakdowns of 1944 (SD) - Studio Blooper Reel; Passage to Marseille Theatrical Trailer (HD) - Newly Remastered in HD!



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