The Secret Partner

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Original Theatrical Date: March 15, 1961

Stewart Granger pays the price to keep his past a secret in this "ingenious British thriller" (Radio Times) costarring Haya Harareet (Ben-Hur).

A convicted embezzler-turned-successful-businessman, John Brent (Granger) discovers his real troubles are just beginning. First, he's blackmailed by a prison dentist (Norman Bird) threatening to expose his past. When his wife (Harareet) refuses to believe his explanation concerning the hefty cash withdrawals—assuming he's having an affair—she leaves him. And when things couldn't get any worse, a mysterious stranger acquires the combination to his company's safe. So when $130,000 is stolen and the police suspect him of the crime, Brent must escape arrest if he's to prove his innocence by catching the man who framed him.



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