Warner Bros. Pictures Group

Founded: January 1, 2008

The WARNER BROS. PICTURES GROUP brings together the Studio’s motion picture production, marketing and distribution operations into a single entity. The Group, which includes Warner Bros. Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures International, was formed to streamline the Studio’s film production process and bring those businesses’ organizational structures in line with Warner Bros.’ television and home entertainment operations.

In 2013, Warner Bros. Pictures enjoyed the most successful theatrical year in company history, grossing an industry-leading $5.038 billion in global box office ($1.893 billion domestic, $3.145 international) to take the number one positions in domestic, international and worldwide box office. The year marked the first time the Studio surpassed the $5 billion mark and only the second time that feat has been achieved by any studio in Hollywood. Both the domestic and international divisions crossed the billion-dollar mark for the 13th consecutive year, and the Pictures Group exceeded $4 billion globally for the fifth consecutive year, both milestones no other studio has ever achieved.

Warner Bros. Pictures produces and distributes a wide-ranging slate of some 18-22 films each year, employing a business paradigm that mitigates risk while maximizing productivity and capital. Warner Bros. Pictures either fully finances or co-finances the films it produces and maintains worldwide distribution rights. It also monetizes its distribution and marketing operations by distributing films that are totally financed and produced by others.

Among the films on Warner Bros. Pictures’ 2014 slate are The LEGO Movie300: Rise of an EmpireEdge of TomorrowJupiter AscendingThe JudgeHorrible Bosses 2 (New Line Cinema) and The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies (NLC).

Warner Bros. Pictures International is a global leader in the marketing and distribution of feature films, operating offices in more than 30 countries and releasing films in over 120 international territories, either directly to theaters or in conjunction with partner companies and co-ventures.

The Warner Bros. Pictures Group also supports the Studio’s local-language film production initiative, in which Warner Bros. Pictures serves as a producer, production partner or distributor of local-language films in various countries around the world. In addition to promoting cultural diversity, a guiding principle behind this initiative is to employ local management and crews to produce films in a country’s native language, while working with the broadest range of in-country talent available. When applicable, the Studio commits its worldwide resources to exporting these films beyond their country of origin, bringing a “local” film to an international audience. To date, the Studio has released more than 400 of these indigenous-language films.