Warner Bros. Pictures International

WARNER BROS. PICTURES INTERNATIONAL is a global leader in the marketing and distribution of feature films, operating offices in more than 30 countries and releasing films in over 120 international territories, either directly to theaters or in conjunction with partner companies and co-ventures.

In 2013, Warner Bros. Pictures enjoyed the most successful theatrical year in company history, grossing an industry-leading $5.038 billion in global box office ($1.893 billion domestic, $3.145 international) to take the number one positions in domestic, international and worldwide box office. The year marked the first time the Studio surpassed the $5 billion mark and only the second time that feat has been achieved by any studio in Hollywood. Both the domestic and international divisions crossed the billion-dollar mark for the 13th consecutive year, and the Pictures Group exceeded $4 billion globally for the fifth consecutive year, both milestones no other studio has ever achieved.

WBPI meets worldwide tastes and demands with a diverse mix of filmed entertainment produced primarily by Warner Bros. Pictures but also generated or co-financed by such entities as Castle Rock Entertainment, Village Roadshow Pictures, Alcon Entertainment and RatPac-Dune Entertainment, among others.

WBPI has pioneered a number of initiatives and strategies that anticipate tremendous growth and change within the global entertainment marketplace. Anchored by its sophisticated and extensive network of regional offices, WBPI was an early adopter of day-and-date “event” releases (seeing huge success with key franchises, including The Matrix starting in 1999, Harry Potter launched in 2001 and The Dark Knight rolling out in 2005) and strategic rollouts structured around consumer behaviors in each key territory, as well as regionally nuanced campaigns.

Additionally, as part of Warner Bros.’ initiative to support and nurture local-language film production worldwide, the Studio is deeply involved in production, acquisition and distribution of local-language films for their countries of origin, releasing over 400 such films to date in a number of countries, including the U.K., Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Spain, Netherlands, Turkey, Mexico and India.