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Series Premiere: June 16, 2015
June 16, 2015

From the creators of Will & Grace comes a new half-hour comedy series, Clipped, set in a barbershop in the small, working-class town of Charlestown, just across the Charles River from Boston.

Starring George Wendt (Cheers), Ashley Tisdale (High School Musical films) and a terrific ensemble cast of comic actors, this is the story of a group of young people who ran in different circles but all knew each other—either from high school, from growing up down the block from one another or by reputation, as in the case of a former baseball star, because a win on the local playing field is a win for the entire town.

Now they all work together at Buzzy's barbershop—previously owned by Buzzy (Wendt), who may no longer run the joint, but he still works there and lends his style expertise and sharp opinions (whether it's with a pair of scissors or his wit)—and they are beginning to see each other in a new light. More like family, but with unrequited crushes.

They still bust each other's chops from time to time, but hey, isn't that what families do too? Plus, they're from Charlestown and busting chops is in their DNA. So for now, their dreams may lie across the river in Boston, but their work, their lives, their loves and their worries are in the town where they grew up.



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