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For many, the suburbs are seen as a perfectly manicured slice of heaven. But for one teenage transplant from New York City, the suburbs represent her unique version of hell. Forget purgatory - this is suburgatory, or so it seemed to 16-year-old Tessa when her father, George, uprooted them from her beloved apartment in the city to move to the anything-but-urban town of Chatswin. George slowly learned that trying to control his daughter put a strain on their relationship.

This season, George prepares to loosen his grip and say yes - yes to giving Tessa the room to discover if Chatswin is for her. As Tessa divides her time between life in Chatswin and getting to know her estranged mom, who has recently resurfaced, George finds himself nursing a case of empty-nest syndrome.

Could this be the perfect time for the bronzed, buxom and buoyant Dallas to strike on the newly single George?

Meanwhile, frenemies Dalia and Tessa are surprised to find they have something in common as they commute back and forth, dividing time between parents. But what surprises Tessa the most is that she actually misses Chatswin when she's not there. A lot. And, more specifically, she is surprised by who she misses.

Could Tessa be coming to terms with the unexpected feelings that have evolved for a certain someone across the street? And no, it's not Lisa. As George and Tessa bond over the possibility of their unlikely partners, they may realize that Chatswin could be home after all.