Release Date: March 26, 2015
  • Blood
  • Violence

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A sudden assault threatens the DC Multiverse. All realities stand on the brink of annihilation. Now, the last hope for Earth lies in the powers of the DC legends.

Infinite Crisis is a next-generation, free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) that fuses classic gameplay with truly destructive combat. Traditional elements such as laning, jungling, and team fighting are transformed in a world where iconic DC heroes and villains use the environment itself as a weapon.

MOBA Evolves

Experience a re-invention of MOBA action with Coast City, a two-lane map wrapped around a massive urban jungle. This treacherous no-man’s land is filled with boosts, bonuses, and a weapon that cannot be ignored. An intense setting for five-on-five matches, Coast City challenges players to develop strategies that balance lane advancement against the critical objectives hidden in the urban jungle.

Use the Environment as a Weapon

Wield the power of famous DC personalities as you clash in explosive battles. Throw cars and call down meteors as you brawl through iconic DC locations. Carve new channels through the very fabric of the city to create advantages for your teammates - or obstacles for your foes.

Experience Extreme DC

Discover all-new characters inspired by the 52 worlds of the DC Multiverse, where heroes and villains are shaped by a myriad of bizarre worlds, including post-apocalyptic landscapes or an alternate age of steam-powered technology.

Play a Deep Roster

Command heroes and villains from the one of the largest DC Comics rosters ever assembled – from Batman to Poison Ivy, Wonder Woman to Doomsday! Many more champions will be called to become champions in the coming months.

Explore an Evolving Story

Experience and change the unfolding Infinite Crisis storyline crafted in collaboration with DC Entertainment. Discover and confront the shadowy force that threatens to destroy the entire Multiverse!