WB Q&A - Nicole Richie

Nine with Nicole
Thu September 03, 2015 at 3:36 PM PDT

As the second season of the hit comedy series Candidly Nicole comes to a close this month, WarnerBros.com engaged in a little irreverent Q&A with the show’s star and House of Harlow 1960 founder/fashion designer Nicole Richie. For those unaware, Candidly Nicole (airing Wednesdays at 11/10c on VH1details Richie’s daily adventures and gives insight into her decisions on style, relationships, career and her journey into life, and she does it all with a hilarious misguided determination that leaves friends and family, including her adoptive father/pop music icon Lionel Richie, shaking their heads.
     Whether it's hiring a doppelganger to free-up time in her schedule, breaking up with her bikini waxer, pursuing a career as a street artist, trying to recall her childhood for a memoir or attempting to get her invention on Shark Tank, Nicole has no problem offering her uncensored opinion to everyone she meets (even if they didn't ask for it). 
     The one-time tabloid girl turned wife/mother/actress/fashionista (not to mention organic gardener, philanthropist and pet owner), Richie answered nine rapid-fire questions in her own unique style for what we call “Nine with Nicole.”

First thing that comes to mind: Motherhood
NR: Best job in the world.

First thing that comes to mind: Fashion
Have fun with it; recognize that it is a way of communicating and self-expression.

First thing that comes to mind: The current season of Candidly Nicole
NR: It’s a mission based entertainment field fueled by my curiosity.                    

Where do your ideas on the show come from?
NR: Well, the show initially started based on my twitter feed. I use twitter to laugh, make fun of myself, and explore things that I honestly have no idea about. And that’s what I do with the show.
     It’s not reality and it’s not scripted, it’s just a place in between where I get to explore, learn, and have fun. There’s also always a takeaway in every episode. You’re always walking away with information, but having fun while doing it.

Favorite Candidly Nicole episodes so far.
NR: The art performance for my dad was hilarious and the online dating with Erin. I’ve never gotten to experience the online dating world, because I was with my husband [Good Charlotte frontman Joel Madden] before it became a thing. So to have that as the pilot episode gave the audience a look into what an insane masterpiece the show is.




Pros and cons of living in Los Angeles.
NR: The weather is always a perfect and my family and friends are all out there. As for cons, as clichéd as it may sound, the traffic still sucks.

Organic gardening. Best for mental health or dietary health?
NR: Both. Gardening can be very tranquil and calming, but at the same time now I have, like, an entire Whole Foods in my backyard. I have apple trees, blueberry trees, lemon trees, strawberries, butter lettuce, arugula, sugar snap peas, tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, spinach, mint, thyme, oregano and sage…it’s so good.

What people may not know about the differences (and similarities) between dogs and turtles?
NR: I legit invented the 'turtle coop,' and I built my turtles the most beautiful outside lagoon that you have ever seen. No one takes care of them but me.
Iro [Nicole's trusted German Shepherd] on the other hand is just a hunk. I just look at him sometimes and think he is so manly and strong. He's everything a woman could ask for.

Most recent personal pet peeve.
NR: People who type with their iPhones on loud. They’re barbarians and probably killers.


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