"Horror Made Here" Conjures Up Scares!

For a Limited Time at Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood
Fri October 09, 2015 at 10:20 AM PDT

From now through Halloween, guests of the Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood can get up close and personal with props and costumes from some of our best-known horror films (if they dare!). But that's not all, there are many more tricks and treats for the horror fan in all of us!

Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood recently unveiled this brand new experience for fright fans as Horror Made Here made its debut this month. Featured inside the newly-opened Stage 48: Script to Screen and available for a limited time only, Horror Made Here offers guests the opportunity to discover behind-the-scenes filmmaking secrets from some of Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema’s more sinister titles.

Until November 1, guests can get up close to iconic props and costumes from some of the Studio’s best-known horror films, as well as admire the art of horror make-up and prosthetics in a display created especially for the Studio Tour by Oscar®-winning special effects expert Christien Tinsley.

Freddy Krueger’s glove from Nightmare on Elm Street, the original cracked bedroom door from The Exorcist and the sinister stunt doll from Annabelle are showcased amongst a collection of ghoulish film props in the attraction’s Stage 48: Script to Screen. Unearthed from Warner Bros. Archives especially for the occasion, the authentic artifacts also include the spell book and wooden staff with totems and crystals from Practical Magic as well as the music box and ‘Miss Me?’ notes from The Conjuring.

See the dazzling costumes from Interview with the Vampire.


Creature Effects From Oscar Winner Christien Tinsley 

Christien Tinsley, who was honored with an Academy Award® for Best Technical Achievement, received an Oscar® nomination for his work on The Passion of the Christ, and three Primetime Emmy nominations for Outstanding Prosthetic Make-Up on American Horror Story, Glee and Nip/Tuck has constructed a unique exhibit which demonstrates the step-by-step development of practical creature effects for horror films.

Guests are able to see the process behind incredibly-detailed prosthetic special effects make-up. The artist’s display takes guests through the creative process, from design, sculpting and molding to painting and application (highlighted with tools, reference images and special effects supplies).


Get the Ultimate "Head" Shot

And if all that isn't enough, a spooky photo opportunity adds the final touch to the Horror Made Here experience; inviting guests to take the ultimate "head" shot. The final effect, achieved by a mirror illusion, shows guests with their head on a platter and provides fright fans with a fun memento of their visit.

This is definitely the season for some thrills and chills, so make your plans now to visit the Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood this month with the special limited addition of Horror Made Here!


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