Farewell to a Prince

A Tribute to a Superstar
Fri April 22, 2016 at 9:35 AM PDT

Purple Rain: Prince on purple motorcycle

On Thursday the world shifted just a little bit as news of the death of Prince, aged 57, was announced. As stunned fans came to terms with the shocking loss of one of the music world's greatest talents, tributes and shared memories began pouring in from all over the globe. The internet took on a decidedly purple hue and social feeds were flooded with mourning.




Prince left not only a musical legacy, of course, but a cinematic one as well. In the 1984 hit Purple Rain, Prince played a young musician known as "The Kid" (who was really more-or-less a pre-famous version of himself), who struggles with his own self-destructive behaviors he saw in his father growing up.

Purple Rain



Medium shot of Prince as The Kid.

Prince as The Kid playing guitar onstage.

Prince as The Kid, wearing mirrored sunglasses on motorcycle.


Under the Cherry Moon

In 1986 he played one half of team of brother con artists (with Jerome Benton) who scam rich women out of their wealth using their Lothario ways in Under the Cherry Moon.

Prince wearing a tuxedo in Under the Cherry Moon

Publicity shot of Prince as Christopher Tracy


Prince as Christopher Tracy, seated at ornate, gilded piano.

Graffiti Bridge

Prince later directed and starred in the follow-up to Purple Rain with Graffiti Bridge in 1990. The film now sees Kid running a nightclub with his partner Morris Day, both with disparate ideas on how to run a business. 



Prince as The Kid leaning on microphone stand, and standing with band members.

Medium publicity shot of Prince as The Kid.


Prince as The Kid dancing in blue spotlight.

R.I.P. Prince.