Turn Back the Clock

Dapper Dads of Days Gone By
Fri June 16, 2017 at 7:03 AM PDT
Brandon Routh as Clark standing on porch of family farm looking out onto field at dusk

Now that we've got you good and misty, it's probably wise to remind you that this Sunday is Father's Day. Here at WB.com, we are in the enviable position of having access to a vast collection of rare images, and what better occasion to take another dig through the library than Father's Day?

We went back to a simpler time and found some truly Dapper Dads at home and on the set with their kids sharing both quiet moments and hamming it up for the camera. Consider this look back in time to be our Father's Day gift to you. 

Gregory Peck with son  Jonathan on the set of The Great Sinner

Gregory Peck and son Jonathan are two very well-dressed gents on the set of The Great Sinner.

Medium BTS shot of director Vincente Minnelli seated with daughter Liza Minnelli on his lap.

Director Vincente Minnelli makes sure that daughter Liza has the best seat in the house on the set of Madame Bovary.

Medium BTS shot of Julie Andrew as Emily Barham, with daughter Emma Walton and then husband Tony Walton.

Mom and Dad Julie Andrews and then-husband Tony Walton keep their daughter Emma Walton (now Emma Walton-Hamilton) busy behind-the-scenes on the set of The Americanization of Emily.

Medium BTS shot of Dean Martin as Bama Dillert, wearing cowboy hat, holding phone receiver, with daughters Gail (left) and Claudia Martin.

In the days before three-way calling, the "King of Cool" Dean Martin spends some quality time with daughters Gail (left) and Claudia

Medium BTS shot of Joel (left) and Michael Douglas visiting father Kirk Douglas, who plays Vincent van Gogh on set.

Everybody smiled for the camera in this shot of Kirk Douglas with sons Joel (left) and Michael when they visited him on the set of Lust for Life.

Full BTS shot of director Stanley Kubrick focusing camera, with daughter and crew members.

Some kids go to the office with their dad, and then other kids happen to be Stanley Kubrick's daughter who gets to visit the set of Barry Lyndon and watch him create a film that won four Oscars.

Medium BTS shot of director Paul Newman with daughter Nell Potts as Rachel as a child on back.

Director Paul Newman and daughter Nell Potts share a quiet moment between takes of Rachel, Rachel.

Fred Astaire with son Fred, Jr. on fishing boat

Gone fishin'! Fred Astaire and son Fred Jr. caught the big one: a Marlin weighing in at a whopping 222 pounds back in 1953.  

Full BTS shot of shirtless Clint Eastwood who plays Harry swinging set visitor Kyle Eastwood by ankles.

Swinging little kids around by their ankles is a fatherly rite of passage. Here Clint Eastwood delights his son Kyle on the set of  Dirty Harry.

Medium shot of Mickey Rooney sitting at and playing piano with his father, character actor Joe Yule. Both are singing back stage of an MGM set, March 1940.

Mickey Rooney tickles the ivories with his father, character actor Joe Yule in 1940. Family resemblance much?

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz with Desi Arnaz Jr.

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz travel in style with the apple of their eye, son Desi Arnaz Jr.

John Wayne as Lane seated in director's chair on set with son Ethan Wayne.

Coolest kid in school, Ethan Wayne, hangs out on the set of his dad John Wayne's movie, The Train Robbers.

Full publicity shot of Lassie with son/puppy.

Probably the worst-kept secret in Hollywood is that Lassie was actually...a boy. HE was a Rough Collie named Pal who performed the role in seven films. Here he poses with his "son" Laddie in Son of Lassie.

This Sunday whoever it is in your life—your dad, your pop, your pa, your pal or your laddie—we wish you and yours a Happy Father's Day.