Ellen's Halloween Best

Who Will She Surprise Us With This Year?
Tue October 31, 2017 at 7:53 AM PDT

There's nothing tricky about Ellen DeGeneres' love of Halloween. The television host goes all-out this time of year playing fun pranks on her guests, seasonally decorating the set of her Emmy-winning program, The Ellen Show, and dressing up for the big day each year in a highly-anticipated costume that always leaves fan guessing right up until the big reveal on October 31. How the comedian manages to top herself year-after-year we'll never know, but take a look back at some of her funniest get-ups to cross the stage as Ellen takes on Halloween. 

Any bets on Ellen's costume this year? Read on!


Ellen brought back fan favorite Karla Kardashian for 2017, and in true "K" fashion she came with a makeover. The less chic sister now has bleach blonde, waist-length hair and a very noticeable baby bump. As always, Karla is Keeping up with the Kardashians!


Ellen dressed as the mysterious chanteuse Sia with model and entrepreneur Heidi Klum in costume as Maddie Ziegler, who often performs in Sia's music videos.


Ellen's alter-ego "Karla" Kardashian may not be as famous as her other "K" sisters but she's just as outrageous.


What better woman to emulate in 2014 that Amal Alamuddin? She is a respected human rights lawyer and passionate activist who also happens to be married to George Clooney


Ellen paid homage to the fearless Nicki Minaj who appeared on the program a month earlier in the same outfit.


This one takes a little explaining: that's Jersey Shore's Snooki's hair. Yes, it needs a spray tan.


One month before Ellen's cover issue of "O" Magazine hit newsstands, she commemorated the event in a very lifesize way: by becoming the magazine.