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Keeping Tabs on "Tomb Raider"
Fri March 16, 2018 at 8:11 AM PDT

So much has been happening in the world of Lara Croft since we gave you your first look at Alicia Vikander in the role back in March of last year and of course we told you about last month's Art Contest. Now with this Friday's release of Tomb Raider, we’ve been pulling together all the events, interviews, videos, contests and activities in one place and will continue to do so as we draw ever closer to the premiere on March 16.


March 16 Update

The day has finally come, Tomb Raider is now in theaters! So let's have some fun with Alicia Vikander, who is also the Cover Girl for the April issue of Marie Claire!




March 14 Update

Check out this brand new interview with Alicia Vikander. Hot off the video presses!


And trainer and nutritionist‎ Magnus Lygdback shows you the workout techniques that he used with Alicia Vikander to get her in shape for her role as Lara Croft. Here are the weekly videos to get you in shape for the March 16 premiere. Week 5 has now been released!






And this video from Machinima shows you why the Lygdback workout regime was necessary. Great stuff!



March 13 Update

The black carpet was full of stars this week for the Los Angeles Premiere of Tomb Raider.



Director @roaruthaug arrives on the black carpet at tonight’s World Premiere. #TombRaider

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@waltongogginsbonafide knows how to make an entrance. #TombRaider

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Enemies on the big screen, but friends IRL. #TombRaider

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March 12 Update




March 8 Update

Check out some of the excitement from the Tomb Raider premiere in London.



March 5 Update

Check out this heart-stopping clip, just released by IGN.



March 1 Update

Tomb Raider composer Junkie XL just posted cool pics of Tahitian drums made specifically for the film’s score! The soundtrack album is due out the same day as the movie, March 16!



Earlier this week came the release of Tomb Raider VR: Lara's Escape, where you become Lara Croft in this interactive cinematic VR experience as you are pursued by Trinity soldiers and your only means of escape is to descend into an ancient tomb. Use Lara's flashlight to explore crumbling caverns in the dangerous, trap-filled cave. Wield Lara's bow and climbing axe to escape capture as you rappel, climb and zip-line to safety.


Also this week, the five winners of the Tomb Raider Fan Art Contest were announced. Congratulations to Sergio Murrieta, Edz Gatdula, Reza Maulana, Camille Pelletier and Moses Ruperto for these winning entries:

tomb raider fan art contest winner

tomb raider fan art contest winner

tomb raider fan art contest winner

tomb raider fan art contest winner

tomb raider fan art contest winner


And if you're looking for some fun online adventure gaming for free, check out the Tomb Raider: Escape the Tomb Game.

Tomb Raider Escape the Tomb Game


But what about the film itself? Well, here are some interviews and a few behind-the-scenes featurettes, as well as one of the tracks featured in the film, to get you excited for this upcoming origin story.