Justice League Joins WB Studio Tour

DC Influencers Enjoyed a Hero's Welcome
Fri May 11, 2018 at 7:48 AM PDT

This week the Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood opened its doors and revved up its cart engines to welcome DC mega fans as they got a private look at the studio's newest addition to DC Universe: The Exhibit.

Superman Costume from Justice League

The Justice League has landed at the WB Archive Museum and fans can get an up-close and personal look at authentic costumes and props straight from the Justice League film set. On Tuesday, a select group of media influencers got a private look at the exhibit, along with a DC-centric tour of the Warner Bros. lot. 

Each costume displayed is set in its own vignette representing the character's origin story. 

Batman in front of "Wayne Manor"

Batman is as serious as ever in front of Wayne Manor.


Part human/part machine, Victor Stone/Cyborg is featured with the technology that keeps him alive.

Wonder Woman's God Killer sword

The exhibit is a goldmine for cosplayers looking for unique costuming details. Here, fans can view the engraving on Wonder Woman's Godkiller sword.

Visiting media influencer Jenna Busch posted some great shots:


From the new #JusticeLeague exhibit on the #wbtourhollywood!

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 It's a meeting of the Leagues. Who would win?

Ben Pearson of SlashFilm shared his thoughts on the exhibit:


After spending time in the museum, guests were loaded into carts and given tours of WB's historic backlot. 

WB watertower

Beginning in the shade of the renowned WB water tower, the adventure began!

Hennessey Street - Warner Bros. Lot

The Mill - Warner Bros. lot

Stops were made along Hennessey Street in our "New York" neighborhood, as well as a visit to the mill, where sets and props are created from scratch. 

Lamps and home decor on display at WB Prop House

Later, the group toured the WB Prop Department where an eye-popping amount of knick-knacks and home decor are on display, including some studio treasures such as Jack Warner's leather-bound Oscar-winning scripts.


Batmobiles on displays in car vault

The tour also included a trip to every gearhead's dream: the "Bat Cave," where several iterations of Bat Mobiles are on display, as well as the Joker's Lamborghini from Suicide Squad. (We won't give away any trivia tidbits behind Joker's metallic fuschia car. You'll have to take a tour yourself to find out.)

The tour concludes at Stage 48, where "Friends" can fuel up and take a break at Central Perk.


To learn more about DC Universe: The Exhibit, click here. Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood has also introduced a new Classics Made Here Tour, available on Fridays and Saturdays at select times.