Music from Crazy Rich Asians

Original Soundtrack and Score From This Summer's Hit Film
Tue September 04, 2018 at 5:31 PM PDT

Based on the acclaimed worldwide best-selling novel by Kevin KwanCrazy Rich Asians follows native New Yorker Rachel Chu (Constance Wu) as she accompanies her longtime boyfriend, Nick Young (Henry Golding), to his best friend’s wedding in Singapore. Excited about visiting Asia for the first time but nervous about meeting Nick’s family, Rachel is unprepared to learn that Nick has neglected to mention a few key details about his life. It turns out that he is not only the scion of one of the country’s wealthiest families but also one of its most sought-after bachelors. Being on Nick’s arm puts a target on Rachel’s back, with jealous socialites and, worse, Nick’s own disapproving mother (Michelle Yeoh) taking aim. And it soon becomes clear that while money can’t buy love, it can definitely complicate things. With these mixed emotions portrayed by all the characters from the film, composer Brian Tyler recently wrote a heartfelt letter describing the importance that "the music had to reflect the love, loss, joy, heartbreak, fun, and drama of the story."  

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Crazy Rich Asians Soundtrack

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Various Artists


  1. Waiting For Your Return – Jasmine Chen
  2. Money (That’s What I Want) – Cheryl K
  3. Wo Yao Ni De Ai (I Want Your Love - I Want You To Be My Baby) – Grace Chang
  4. My New Swag – VAVA feat. Ty and Nina Wang
  5. Give Me A Kiss – Jasmine Chen
  6. Ren Sheng Jiu Shi Xi – Yao Lee
  7. Ni Dong Bu Dong (Do You Understand) – Lilan Chen
  8. Wo Yao Fei Shang Qing Tian – Grace Chang
  9. Material Girl (200 Du) – Sally Yeh
  10. Can’t Help Falling In Love – Kina Grannis
  11. Wo Yao Ni De Ai (I Want Your Love – I Want You To Be My Baby) – Jasmine Chen
  12. Yellow – Katherine Ho
  13. Vote – Miguel
  14. Money (That’s What I Want) – Cheryl K feat. Awkwafina

Crazy Rich Asians Score

Original Motion Picture Score - Brian Tyler


  1. Love Theme from Crazy Rich Asians
  2. Text Ting Swing
  3. Approaching The Palace
  4. Astrid
  5. Solitude
  6. Astrid and the Earrings
  7. Arrival in Singapore
  8. Rainy Nights in London
  9. Rachel's Story
  10. Shopping Spree
  11. First Class
  12. Hide the Jimmy Choos
  13. Cousin Eddie and Cousin Alistair
  14. Choices
  15. We'll Get Through It Together
  16. Astrid and Rachel
  17. Without Reservation
  18. Family First
  19. Lost in the Jungle
  20. Lunch on the Goh
  21. Parallel Decisions
  22. Running Away
  23. Because of Me
  24. Jubilee Bop

Watch: Brian Tyler compose music for some of the most memorable moments from the film.


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