Source: Eclectic Method and Beatnik


Making Merry in Mirkwood

Ramida Rojanavipat has created this gorgeous rendering of Hobbit elves Legolas and Tauriel sharing a quiet moment in the Mirkwood forest as twilight approaches.

Source: Ramida Rojanavipat


Superheroes, Super Fans

Warner Bros. certainly has a rich superhero history from which to draw inspiration. Over the past ten years cinema has seen the superhero become more flawed and multifaceted. We've examined their human side, as well as their supernatural.

French photographer Sacha Goldberger has set out to re-appropriate the American superhero and re-imagine them as melancholy portraits by 16th century Flemish masters in his collection, Super-Flemish.

Source: Sacha Goldberger

Wonder Woman will be making her big screen debut in 2016's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Artist Meder Taab created this showdown of the three superheroes.

Source: Meder Taab


A Little Bit Quirky

A digital love story, Her, stars Joaquin Phoenix as Theodore — a lonely man who falls in love with an Operating System. Artist Ivonna Buenrostro created this piece of digital art capturing one of Theodore's most vulnerable and sweet moments in the film.

Source: Ivonna Buenrostro

Another quirkly fan favorite who has trouble with relationships, to put it mildly, is The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon Cooper. Okan Bülbül created this amazing portrait of Jim Parsons as awkward genius Sheldon.

Source: Art of Okan


A Little Bit Creepy

YouTube beauty guru Hannah Leigh has put together a complete makeup tutorial on how to re-create Annabelle's creeeeeepy look. You'll want to bookmark this one for next Halloween for sure.

Source: Hannah Leigh


The King of All Monsters

After all that city destructing even The King of All Monsters needs a place to rest and put up his feet. Artist Jose Galvan has imagined Godzilla on his Iron Throne made of the skeletons of a city he has laid bare.

Source: Jose Galvan

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