It has been a pleasure working with the WaterTower team. They have a resourceful, aggressive and thoroughly modern approach to marketing music."

- Hans Zimmer

What about other areas that WaterTower has gotten into lately?
JL: Well, one of the most exciting things we got involved in recently is with Ellen [DeGeneres] and her team, and coming up with a line of record releases; an Ellen-branded music line. The first one was Ellen’s I’m Gonna Make You Dance Jams and last year we did Ellen’s The Only Holiday Album You’ll Ever Need, Vol. 1, which was a great album title. They come up with the actual titles and they’re always funny.

Last year's hit holiday album from Ellen

We did that exclusively through Target, so it’s really an exciting project where we’re working with the show and the retailer, and creating a product line for an audience that still likes buying physical CDs and as a result the sales for those have been almost 90% physical versus digital, which is amazing in this day and age. They know their audience so well and Target is a great destination for that viewer, so we were able to make a deal for everybody that made sense and that record debuted in the Top 20 during the holiday season, which was great. That’s just another example of the opportunities that exist for us on the Lot here.

Looking at the television side, it’s got to be difficult to make plans because it seems really difficult for new shows to get past that first season and build an audience.
JL: You’re absolutely right, and that’s why we’ve been able to work with True Blood and Game of Thrones on the HBO side. We’ve always released those records at the time of a given season’s finale, and then you get the benefit of the Home Entertainment window and then there’s the opportunity when the next season debuts. So you really get three bites of the apple. And with WBTV, we’re working on Gotham now so there’s a lot going on and we’re always looking to do more.  
 We’ve been here physically for six years and people within the company are still discovering who we are, so we’re still trying to educate people about how we can help them by using music as an effective marketing element for their various projects and products.

Last question has to do with the continued confusion of people thinking that the Warner Music Group is still part of the Time-Warner family, even though it was sold off more than ten years ago. Heading up the one remaining music label within the Warner Bros. unit, do you still run into that issue today?
JL: Yeah. Like you said, Time-Warner sold off the Warner Music Group in 2004, so it’s been 11 years. And at that time we were existing within the New Line solar system, so when WMG was sold, we were the lone remaining music division within this giant corporation, which was the luckiest break we ever could have had. But, in answer to your question, yes, there is still a tremendous amount of confusion and it’s probably not helped by the fact that there’s a “WB” inside of a watertower in our logo and there’s a “WB” inside of a shield in their logo, and my email address has “” in it, so none of it is easy. But, hey, they spent a lot of money on obtaining and keeping that brand name.  
 So we’re just working hard to distinguish our businesses and our agendas, and we’re making progress. On a personal note, I still have to clarify it with my parents from time to time [laughs].

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