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And here’s a letter from the Infinite Crisis Team to all you Protectors who took part in the beta phases:


It’s been a long time since the first meteor fell on Gotham Heights. It’s been even longer since the first trailer for Infinite Crisis appeared on the internet. Closed Beta has come and gone, and now Open Beta is saying goodbye too.

All of you came here for different reasons upon seeing our announcements. Some of you are passionate comic book fans, eager to take on the mantles of your favorite DC Comics characters. Some of you are hardcore MOBA players, intrigued by our soft-denial last hits, drawn in by our two-lane double jungle meta, and thrilled by the ability to throw cars, tacos, and more at your foes. And still more of you came because you were drawn in by seeing a blood-thirsty vampiric Batman, or a Wonder Woman toting a chainsaw. (We thought those things were pretty cool too.)

But when you entered the trials, Protectors, all of that washed away. You worked together as allies in order to win in the Lost Sectors. You found new friends, you formed teams, you talked strategy, you created streams. You all came together as a community because you believed in this game, and the reason you came here suddenly no longer mattered because you united under a common purpose: You all found that you loved this game.

As you did that, you told us what we did right and what needed work. Thanks to you, Infinite Crisis has better optimization, better graphics, better animation, better balance, better UI, better tutorials, better AI, better story, better cutscenes… we think you get our point. You helped us forge Infinite Crisis into the game it is today, and we couldn’t have done it without you.

But launch doesn’t mean our game is done -- far from it. We all know that Infinite Crisis is going to continue to change and evolve as we keep going forward. There will always be more characters, more costumes, more systems, and more refinements coming to the game. Launch isn’t a stopping point for us; it’s a starting point for all of the great things to come.

So from all of us here on the Infinite Crisis staff, thank you, Protectors, for helping us make this game into something great. Thanks for playing at all hours, for sending in your bugs, for posting on our forums, and talking to us in person via streams, events, and plenty of private messages. All of you helped us to become the game that we are today, and we can’t wait to keep bringing you more in the future.

It’s time to go up, up, and away.


The Infinite Crisis Team

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