The channel is currently divided into these categories to help the creators and viewers:

DC Cosplay shows how fans are bringing characters to life through make-up, costumes, props and tutorials.
DC Freestyle brings to light the fun and imaginative ways fans go all in on DC.
DC How-To lets fans get crafty with food, toys, and more.
DC University is the place where fans explore the past, present and future of the entire DC Multiverse.
DC Collections lets fans show off their comic, collectible, and other cool DC collections.
DC Reads brings the discussions around DC Comics to life.
DC Fans of the Week highlights a few DC-curated choices from the other six categories.

There’s also one final list called DC Verified Fans, which consists of original videos from fans debuting on the DC Fans channel. (DC All Access viewers will see a few familiar faces in there.) Look for this list to grow in the weeks and months ahead.

The folks at DC are obviously excited about this new outlet for fans, stating: “We’re looking for new videos to highlight and share every week.” So what are you waiting for? Read the submission guidelines, start creating and submit your content by e-mailing it to:

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