In the meantime, CW Seed will be releasing 75 of the funniest MADtv episodes available for streaming beginning January 5.

MADtv aired its first episode on October 14, 1995 and, over 300 episodes later, ended its 14-year run in 2009. Take a look back at some of the moments that had us laughing for 14 years.

MADtv photo 2
Debra Wilson as Oprah Winfrey in Season 1.

MADtv photo 3
Nicole Sullivan and David Herman in a "Pulp Fiction" send up.

MADtv photo 4
Bryan Callen debates as President Bill Clinton in one of the many political satires MADtv was famous for.

MADtv photo 5
Host Kim Coles with cast member Orlando Jones.

MADtv photo 6
Michael McDonald as Rusty with his mom (played by Mo Collins) in Season 5.

MADtv photo 7
Will Sasso as a very intense James Lipton in a sketch from Season 7.

MADtv photo 8
Stephnie Weir stumbles around as an over-the-top Anna Nicole Smith.

MADtv photo 8
Comedian Bobby Lee in Season 10.

MADtv photo 9
Paul Vogt as Hurley and Keegan-Michael Key as Sayid definitely appeared "Lost" in this paraody sketch.

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