The Kong Legacy

John Goodman: I had a Revell model of King Kong growing up. I saw the first one [1933’s King Kong], which was iconic to me, and I saw Mighty Joe Young [from 1949] which was by the same people. That was the coolest.

Samuel L. Jackson: I've always loved King Kong, Godzilla, whatever was there to chase you and make you afraid was great. I’m still doing films that I went to see as a kid or wished I could have been in.

Tom Hiddleston: I’ve loved King Kong since I was a child, so to be in an iteration of the Kong myth is so exciting to me. I think children are very excited by nature and animals, and the idea of Kong is just very exciting; he’s a big monkey [laughs]. For a child, I think that’s just a cool idea. I loved adventure movies growing up. I loved movies where people went on adventures to an unknown land and a new territory. I think there’s something right in the center of storytelling that people love about that. In the civilized world we all live in I think we’re all curious to know how we’d get-on on an undiscovered island untouched by man and I think stories like this play into that curiosity.

Looking Towards the Future

Max Borenstein: A lot of people are putting their heads together on these movies and you like to think about the larger arc. You’re not thinking beat-by-beat in terms of the micro, you’re thinking, "How are we going to set this up in a plausible and credible way where we can eventually get Godzilla and Kong in the same room?" [laughs]. "Monarch" is the key and the whole idea of that in the Godzilla movie was to facilitate this larger universe and that these monsters have always existed and some people have known aspects of it, but it has been largely kept quiet. It’s given us enough leeway as connective tissue to be able to do these other things. The thing about Kong is that he’s a primate which makes him more relatable than Godzilla; he’s human-like, [but we] also make him at a scale where he could eventually interact with Godzilla in this same universe.

Kong: Skull Island blasts into theaters this Friday, and for the latest news check out Keeping Up with Kong.

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