Carry on, Winchester fans! @KansasBand gives a surprise performance at @cw_spn’s epic #Comic-Con panel: #WBSDCC

— Warner Bros. TV (@warnerbrostv) July 23, 2017

Saturday, July 22

Convention floor with @imrosemciver & @robertbuckley #izombie

— Malcolm Goodwin (@malcolmjgoodwin) July 23, 2017

Wow! Noir #Batman? @DCComics, @tcm and @EddieMuller win for best film fan/super hero #comiccon swag ever!

— Warner Archive (@WarnerArchive) July 23, 2017

.@FrankMillerInk just came out and surprised the #DCMasterClass! Crowd went nuts & @GregCapullo shouted, "no way!"

— DC (@DCComics) July 23, 2017

#DCSDCC: @GregCapullo knew when he was 8 years old he wanted to draw comics. #DCMasterClass

— DC (@DCComics) July 23, 2017

#WelcomeTo2049, @RyanGosling and Harrison Ford! #BladeRunner2049 #SDCC2017 #SDCC

— #BladeRunner 2049 (@bladerunner) July 22, 2017

Are you ready? #ReadyPlayerOne

— Ready Player One (@readyplayerone) July 22, 2017

#Aquaman making an epic splash in Hall H! #WBSDCC #SDCC2017 @PrideofGypsies

— Warner Bros Pictures (@wbpictures) July 22, 2017

The cast & creators of @bladerunner welcome Hall H to 2049. #BladeRunner2049 #WBSDCC #SDCC2017

— Warner Bros Pictures (@wbpictures) July 22, 2017

Make way for justice. Watch the SDCC Hall H Sneak Peek for #JusticeLeague now. In theaters November 17. #WBSDCC

— Justice League Movie (@justiceleaguewb) July 22, 2017

Watch the cast of #iZombie reveal fun secrets in the 2017 Comic-Con Confessional booth. #WBSDCC @CWiZombie

— Warner Bros. TV (@warnerbrostv) July 22, 2017

The cast of #BlackLightning bringing the heat to the WB Boat! #WBSDCC #SDCC

— Warner Bros. TV (@warnerbrostv) July 22, 2017


Friday, July 21

Step into the future. Visit the #BladeRunner2049 Experience presented by @johnniewalker_ . #WelcomeTo2049 #SDCC

— #BladeRunner 2049 (@bladerunner) July 21, 2017

All aboard! #SupergirlCW#SDCC17

— David Harewood (@DavidHarewood) July 21, 2017

The CW. Where heroes are born. #BlackLightning strikes in 2018!

— Black Lightning (@blacklightning) July 21, 2017


Thursday, July 20

I love this picture! So nice to be back with this cast and crew. Supergirl S3 is up and running. Next....COMIC-CON!!!!!#GoToSleep

— David Harewood (@DavidHarewood) July 21, 2017

The House of El will be redeemed. #Krypton is coming to @SYFY in 2018. Watch this first look:

— Krypton (@KryptonSYFY) July 21, 2017

The Meet the Publishers panel just started with Dan DiDio and @JimLee! #DCSDCC

— DC (@DCComics) July 20, 2017

Get your motor runnin' for #DCCollectibles #GothamCityGarage Supergirl and Batgirl statues, coming out in 2018! Just revealed at #DCSDCC!

— DC (@DCComics) July 20, 2017

Check out the #ITMovie SDCC Exclusive Art and get it signed by the Losers’ Club @ the WB Booth. Don't miss the new trailer next week #WBSDCC

— IT Movie (@ITMovieOfficial) July 20, 2017

Wednesday, July 19

Welcome to #ScareDiego, where @annabellemovie & @ITMovieOfficial have taken over. #AnnabelleCreation #ITMovie #WBSDCC

— Warner Bros Pictures (@wbpictures) July 20, 2017

The cast & creators of #AnnabelleCreation & #ITMovie hanging out at ScareDiego!

— Warner Bros Pictures (@wbpictures) July 20, 2017

.@Mattel just unveiled the freakin' awesome #JusticeLeague Batmobile and toy! BTW, the "toy" spews smoke & has hydraulics. For real. #DCSDCC

— DC (@DCComics) July 20, 2017

#WBSDCC 2017 has begun! #SDCC

— Warner Bros. TV (@warnerbrostv) July 20, 2017

Ready to roll these giveaways to the convention floor where we will be giving them away at the @FamousMonsters booth!

— Warner Archive (@WarnerArchive) July 19, 2017

Kicking off #DCSDCC at the #DCCollectibles event, featuring gorgeous statues, figures, and more!

— DC (@DCComics) July 20, 2017

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