This past July, more than 3,000 WB A-List Community members across the globe took part in an online discussion about Comic-Con that took place in San Diego, California.  Among these members, nearly 300 volunteered to be Special Correspondents for the community while attending Comic-Con in San Diego. They shared details about their experience as well as photos and videos for the rest of the community and Warner Bros. to see.  They told us what they liked about Comic-Con and what they would like to see next year.

This is just one small example of the feedback from people like you that helps inform our decisions here at Warner Bros. as we strive to truly understand our fans and what they are looking for.

In order to be eligible, first complete our very brief survey. Membership is limited, so once you complete the survey, we will let you know if you are invited to join. You can be helping to shape the future of entertainment in a matter of minutes!

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