Updated October 18

New York Comic Con kicks off today in the Big Apple and all of your favorite writers, artists and editors from DC Comics, Vertigo Comics and MAD Magazine are there. Check out all daily the panels and signings for today, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

But perhaps the biggest news revolves around the November 22 premiere of Doomsday Clock, a 12-issue maxiseries, by the acclaimed triumvirate of DC's chief creative officer and writer Geoff Johns, artist Gary Frank and colorist Brad Anderson.

On Friday at 6pm EST, be sure to tune-in to the Live Stream of the "Doomsday Clock Panel," where additional pages from the debut issue will be revealed as Johns shares stories on how the project came together, what themes will be tackled and what it all means for the DC Universe. Join the fun on Facebook or Youtube.

In the meantime, get up to speed with these two videos from Johns himself as he takes you with him On the Road to Doomsday Clock!

Also, be sure and download the DC All Access app to keep up on all the NYCC events.

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