Jennifer chats about being the very first guest on the talk show and shares a "clip" from her appearance 17 years ago. The "Friends" alum also hilariously scares a few unsuspecting visitors on the Central Perk set on the Warner Bros. lot.

The very funny Will Ferrell joins Jennifer, and they talk about meeting for the first time in 1999 while she hosted "Saturday Night Live." The father of three explains that raising a house full of boys is like running a small correctional facility and shares he gets recognized while refereeing his kids' soccer games.

Will also discusses his upcoming film, "Downhill," and meeting his co-star Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Then, Jennifer puts Will in the hot seat for a game of "Ellen’s Burning Questions."

Later in the show, international superstar Selena Gomez sits down with Jennifer, and the pop star fangirls over "Friends" and recalls how her "heart stopped" when she saw Jennifer for the first time in a bathroom at a Vanity Fair event years ago. Selena also opens up about her latest album, "Rare," which debuted at No. 1, and why she decided to be vulnerable and share her side of her story instead of letting others narrate her life for her.

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