Song of the Thin Man keyart

Song of the Thin Man

Original Theatrical Date: August 27, 1947

At a charity gambling benefit aboard the S.S. Fortune, the tables are hot, the jazz is hotter and before you know it, a bandleader's body is growing cold.

They're playing your song, Nick and Nora Charles!

William Powell and Myrna Loy return as the married sleuths, rousting suspects out of bed for 4am interrogations while trying to fathom the bebop argot of '40s jazz jive.

Speaking of their renowned screen chemistry, Loy once said: "It wasn't a conscious thing. If you heard us talking in a room, you'd hear the same thing. He'd tease me, and there was a sort of blending which seemed to please people."

Decades later, people are still pleased. The melody of Song of the Thin Man and the entire beloved series lingers on.

Genre: Suspense/ThrillerComedyClassicMystery