Warner Bros. Anti-Piracy Operations

Founded: March 2004

WARNER BROS. ANTI-PIRACY OPERATIONS is engaged in intellectual property protection activities and initiatives on a global basis. The group works across every division of the Studio and with Time Warner Public Policy to support efforts in such areas as technological and procedural solutions for theft prevention, domestic and international Intellectual Property legislation and directives, public policy, external communications, educational and consumer anti-piracy initiatives, and investigations and legal recourse.

Anti-Piracy Operations is responsible for the development and execution of the Studio's anti-piracy and content protection strategic plan. This strategy covers the protection of all of the company's current content as well as the more than 6,650 feature films, 50,000 television titles and 14,000 animated titles (including over 1,500 classic animated shorts), interactive games and apps in the Studio's library. It also provides policy security guidelines for all new channel distribution initiatives, such as new online and mobile services.

Recognizing that there is no one solution to the problem of piracy, the department focuses on a four-pronged strategy:

Technology and Operations: Using technical means to identify and protect content as well as putting policies and procedures in place to safeguard it during creation through its distribution.

Legal and Enforcement: Pursuing civil, criminal and administrative remedies against the unauthorized use of copyrighted content.

Public Policy and Public Relations: Working with governments around the world to strengthen laws protecting intellectual property as well as using public relations to educate consumers around the world about the impact of piracy.

New Business Initiatives: Working with the company's distribution departments to create new, legal alternatives to piracy that provide consumers legitimate ways to access the Studio's content.