Warner Bros. Technical Operations

Founded: 1992

WARNER BROS. TECHNICAL OPERATIONS is responsible for providing comprehensive, operational management for areas directly related to the worldwide distribution of the Studio’s content (theatrical, DVD, Blu-ray Disc, digital, games and television), protection of content, asset management and distribution through traditional, new and emerging outlets.

WBTO handles the administration and management of all digital and physical distribution of the Studio’s films and television shows worldwide. This includes the film-to-digital transfer/mastering process for television and digital cinema, logistics and distribution, dubbing, subtitling and digital compression operations, including multi-format authoring. Also, WBTO is responsible for the Studio’s conversion to digital distribution and was the first to use this technology to transition how syndicated television is distributed worldwide. The organization is a member of a number of joint ventures focused on next generation, low cost delivery systems and services that support theatrical through web-based outlets. Its development resources are composed of both in-house and external specialists based worldwide to support all areas of innovation.

WBTO was a driving force behind the creation of the DVD and developed much of the patented technology that defines the format. WBTO also works closely with sales divisions, providing technical due diligence supporting new business opportunities.