Sam Register

President, Warner Bros. Animation and Warner Digital Series

Sam Register serves as President, Warner Bros. Animation (WBA) and Warner Digital Series.

In this capacity, Register supervises Blue Ribbon Content (BRC), the Studio’s shortform digital content production unit, and is responsible for spearheading the development and production of original live-action digital series for the company. He is charged with identifying opportunities for collaboration with new writers and producers, as well as tapping creative talent already working at the Studio. In addition to live-action, BRC is producing animated programming and is also experimenting with emerging platforms such as virtual reality. BRC’s current programming slate includes UNINTERRUPTED, Now We’re Talking for go90, Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles for Machinima and Vixen for CW Seed, as well as the Batman: The Animated Series virtual reality experience with OTOY Inc., among others.

In addition to his digital series responsibilities at BRC, Register also runs the Studio’s television animation unit (Warner Bros. Animation). He oversees creative efforts related to the development and creation of new programming, including traditional animated series and original shorts for television, and content for digital platforms. He also works closely with Warner Bros. Home Entertainment on the Studio’s animated original movies for the home entertainment marketplace.

Current series produced by WBA under Register’s leadership include Be Cool Scooby-Doo, Bunnicula, Justice League Action, Teen Titans Go!, The Tom and Jerry Show and Wabbit–A Looney Tunes Production for Cartoon Network; Mike Tyson Mysteries for Adult Swim; and Green Eggs and Ham, a half-hour comedy for Netflix, debuting in 2018.

Prior to being named to his current post in 2014, Register had served as WBA’s Executive Vice President, Creative Affairs, since 2008, after having joined the Studio in November 2007 as a producer with a multi-property development and production deal at WBA. Before Warner Bros., Register was a producer and senior animation executive at Cartoon Network for ten years, where he developed hit animated series such as Ben 10 and Teen Titans. During his tenure as a Senior Vice President at Cartoon Network, he oversaw numerous successful program launches such as Star Wars: The Clone Wars and WBA’s Duck Dodgers, reinvigorated the DC Comics animated universe with WBA’s The Batman and Justice League Unlimited, and helped grow from a small marketing portal to an exciting kids’ entertainment destination.