All-New “Pokemon GS,” Plus New Series “Jackie Chan Adventures,” “X-Men Evolution” And “Static Shock!” Highlight New Saturday Morning Schedule For Ratings King Kids’ WB!

(April 4, 2000 – New York, NY) – Kids’ WB!, the #1 kids’ network, which has maintained its season long ratings success and momentum, will add seven new animated properties to its top-rated Saturday morning and weekday slates during the 2000-2001 television season. The network introduced a powerhouse schedule, including more original programming than ever before, featuring the network’s hallmark ingredients: high-adventure, humor and heart; compelling storylines; and kid relatable characters for boys and girls. In an effort to deliver more of what kids want, the network also announced its all-new original “Fraturday” (formerly known as Friday) programming block. Now Saturdays begin on Fridays – only on Kids’ WB! The new fall schedule also will include the top-rated “Pokémon,” “Batman Beyond,” “Men In Black: The Series,” “Max Steel” and other returning hits. The schedule announcement was made this morning to advertisers and media by Susanne Daniels, President, Entertainment for The WB, and Donna Friedman, Senior Vice President, Kids’ WB!, at the network’s upfront sales presentation in New York. “We are thrilled with Kids’ WB!’s success this year and look forward to building on it with our new fall schedule filled with more original programming and strategic scheduling,” said Ms. Daniels. “We have built Kids’ WB! with a strong programming team that has opened the doors to new creative talent and made a larger investment in development and production than ever before. As we prepare for the launch of this extraordinary new season, we are proud to announce that, beginning in September, all network affiliates have committed to air Kids’ WB! in-pattern on Saturday mornings, which will enable us to solidly market our schedule and create appointment television for kids.” As the #1 choice for kids, Kids’ WB! continues to set ratings records while delivering outstanding year-to-year growth. Leading the highly competitive 4th Quarter of 1999 and the just-completed 1st Quarter of 2000 and breaking Nickelodeon's 2 1/2 year winning streak, Kids’ WB! delivered an unprecedented #1 ranking among all Saturday morning broadcast and cable competitors among Kids 2-11, Kids 6-11, Boys 2-11 and Boys 6-11. For 4th Quarter, the network demonstrated a +133 percent year-to-year growth in what is regarded as the most important quarter in kids' programming, posting double and triple digit gains in each and every half-hour of the schedule. Kids’ WB! captured five of the top 10 Saturday morning programs among Kids 2-11, including the action-adventure “Pokémon” ranking #1 and #2; the comedy-adventure “Men In Black: The Series” as the #5 program; the new millennium's “Batman Beyond” ranking #7; and the pro-social comedy “Detention” in the #9 spot. For 1st Quarter, Kids’ WB! took 5 of the top 10 Saturday morning spots in Kids 2-11, including Pokémon ranking #1, #2 and #3; the new adrenaline-packed “Max Steel” as the #6 program; and “Men In Black” in the #10 spot. Season-to-date, Kids’ WB! remains the market leader in the key demographics of Kids 2-11, Kids 6-11, Boys 2-11 and Boys 6-11. Among Kids 2-11, the network has increased by +100 percent with a 4.2 rating average on Saturday mornings and by +200 percent with a 2.4 rating average on weekdays. Among Kids 6-11, Kids’ WB! has grown by +145 percent with a 4.9 rating average on Saturday mornings and by +250 percent with a 2.8 rating average on weekdays. The new animated programs joining Kids’ WB!'s Saturday lineup include the debut of “Jackie Chan Adventures” which will feature the international movie star and real-life superhero in his first high-adventure animated television series for kids; “Static Shock!,” based on the popular Milestone/DC Comic property, the series features the first teenage animated African-American superhero; based on the Marvel Comics favorite, “X-Men Evolution” takes the superheroes back to their origins as young adolescents when they are first learning about their mutant powers and becoming a team; and the next evolution of the Kids’ WB! megahit, “Pokémon GS,” tying in with launch of the “Pokémon” Gold and Silver Game Boy games from Nintendo of America, the series will introduce all-new characters. The all-new "Fraturday" afternoon series include the comedy “Generation O!” about an 8-year-old international music sensation Molly O!, the voice of her generation; “The Zeta Project,” the story of Zeta, a renegade government-designed robot and Ro, his 15-year-old street-wise companion, running from a government that doesn't understand them; and the exciting new Japanese anime adventure “Cardcaptors,” which follows Sakura and her partner Li on a quest to recover the magical Clow cards. The "Fraturday" afternoon lineup will include special bonus airings of the new “Pokémon GS.” The new schedule also will be highlighted with the return of the #1 kids' show on television “Pokémon”; the new millennium's “Batman Beyond”; the comedy-adventure “Men In Black”; the high-adrenaline “Max Steel”; “Detention”; “The Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries”; and “Warner Bros.' Histeria!” Joining Kids’ WB!'s midseason schedule will be “Cubix,” from the same team that brought “Pokémon” to Kids’ WB!, the series takes place in the not too distant future where there is "a robot for everyone." "Our strategy is to build on our leadership position with boys first, while introducing strong female characters to our lineup," said Ms. Friedman. "This season, all Kids’ WB! programming will combine three core elements: high adventure, humor and heart; compelling storylines; a lighter, brighter tone; a move away from pure 'action;' and most importantly, kid relatable characters. These are the ingredients kids have consistently told us they want and Kids’ WB! will continue to deliver it to them on Saturdays, weekdays and now Fraturdays - in our exciting new all-original programming block designed to kick-start kids' weekends." The new animated series joining the 2000-2001 Saturday schedule are: * “JACKIE CHAN ADVENTURES” brings the international superstar to the small screen in a new animated adventure series that will feature all of Jackie's physical feats and acrobatic style of action, combined with his unique underdog hero humor that kids enjoy from their favorite Jackie Chan movies. The series celebrates Chinese culture as Jackie, an ancient artifact expert and a special agent for the government's secret Section 13, shares ancient Chinese wisdom with Jade, his 11-year-old tomboy niece, who quickly becomes his apprentice and partner in adventure. When Jackie and Jade stumble onto an ancient conspiracy, led by an evil crime family known as The Dark Hand, they embark on a global quest to recover 12 magical talismans, powerful artifacts representing signs of the Chinese zodiac which have been scattered around the world. Each talisman holds a unique magical power and, if combined, will unleash a hidden massive power. Jackie Chan may also appear in live-action segments in each episode, demonstrating his incredible athletic techniques and wit, while lending his voice to the lead character. “JACKIE CHAN ADVENTURES” is produced by Sony Pictures Family Entertainment. * “STATIC SHOCK!” is an all-new, animated series about the adventures of the first teenage African American superhero. Quick-witted Virgil Hawkins (voiced by Phil LaMarr, "Mad TV") finds himself imbued with electromagnetic superpowers after being exposed to a mutanic gas and takes on the guise of "Static," an urban hero of his own creation. Based on the DC Comics' book series of the same name, the series will confront real problems and issues faced by today's kids, such as peer pressure, gangs and growing up in an ethnically diverse urban neighborhood. Learning to control his powers, figuring out how to patrol the skies at night and still make it home in time to study for his chemistry class, Virgil's greatest discovery becomes the real "charge" he gets in helping people and making a positive difference in his community. “STATIC SHOCK!” is produced and animated by Warner Bros. Animation, under the creative supervision of executive producer Jean MacCurdy, supervising producer Alan Burnett and producer Scott Jeralds. * “X-MEN EVOLUTION,” based on one of the world's most popular comic book series, Marvel's “X-MEN EVOLUTION” is the story of adolescents struggling to "fit into" a world which cannot possibly understand them. Possessing extraordinary powers as a result of genetic mutations, our heroes must face the difficulties of living as mutants amongst "normal" beings while experiencing the added perils of making it through the teenage years - a time when all kids feel like they are mutants. Under the tutelage of Professor Charles Xavier, a mutant with the wisdom and powers to teach our young heroes to utilize their unusual skills for the benefit and protection of all the world's inhabitants, our characters come of age learning to battle evil humans and misguided mutants...and still maintain good grades at the local high school. The series, executive produced by Avi Arad and Rick Ungar, is produced by Marvel Studios in association with Film Roman. * “POKEMON GS” is the next evolution of the Kids’ WB! megahit and the #1 show on television for kids. This new series will follow Ash and his friends as they take viewers on an adventurous new quest into an unknown land, introducing at least 100 never-before-seen new Pokémon! The series will be catapulted by the summer movie premiere and will tie-in with the long-awaited launch of the “Pokémon” Gold and Silver Game Boy games from Nintendo of America, Inc. On Saturday, March 18, the network's "Pick Your Favorite Pokémon" special morning delivered record-high ratings among the key demographics of Kids 2-11 (6.7/27), Kids 6-11 (8.1/32), Boys 2-11 (9.0/33) and Boys 6-11 (10.5/39), posting the highest Kids 2-11 rating any network has delivered in two years. The network also posted its strongest ratings among Girls 2-11 (4.3/19) and Girls 6-11 (5.5/24). The new series to debut in the all-original "Fraturday" afternoon block include: * “THE ZETA PROJECT” chronicles the futuristic adventures of Zeta, a renegade government-designed robot, and Ro, a 15-year-old street-wise runaway. Zeta (voiced by Diedrich Bader, "The Drew Carey show") was originally designed as a high-tech weapon for the government, but made a decision to deny his 'destruction' program, and is now searching for his creator while trying to stay a step ahead of government agents' intent on his capture. Ro is a savvy runaway searching for her long-lost family, while trying to avoid the system. With his awesome gadgetry and moral conviction and her street smarts and humor, Zeta and Ro are on the road and on the run in 2040, helping each other and those they meet along the way - unlikely allies in a kaleidoscope of adventure! The series will thrust viewers into an adventurous and heartfelt escapade. “THE ZETA PROJECT,” a spin-off series from Batman Beyond, is produced by Warner Bros. Animation under the creative supervision of executive producer Jean MacCurdy, supervising producer Alan Burnett and producers Bob Goodman and Liz Holzman. * “GENERATION O!” is a new animated series that features Molly O!, the lead singer of international pop sensation Generation O!, the only band in the top 10 with an eight-year-old singer and a kangaroo for a drummer. She is an ordinary girl trying to juggle fame and celebrity with the normal challenges of a child's life. She has millions of adoring fans and a purple limousine, but keeps grounded thanks to her home life with loving parents and an extremely jealous and annoying older brother, Buzz -- who alternatively tries to capitalize on Molly's success and squelch it. When her two worlds collide, you get Molly O! singing 'bout her generation! Each episode will feature an original song that is integrated into the storylines. All songs are written and performed by real-life Boston-based band "Letters to Cleo, " who has appeared in the motion picture "10 Things I Hate About You," and also was featured on the soundtracks for "The Craft," "The Baby-Sitter's Club," and "Melrose Place." “GENERATION O!” is a co-production between Sony Wonder and RTV in Germany. * “CARDCAPTORS” follows 10-year-old Sakura and her mysterious classmate Li who, after an innocent mistake, release the world's most powerful magic and begin the adventure of a lifetime. When Sakura finds an unusual clasp-locked book called the "CLOW Book," once belonging to ancient wizards, and opens it, she accidentally sets free magical Clow cards, which embody fantastical forces of nature. Now, joined by a demanding but humorous guardian beast named Kero, Sakura and Li must recapture the cards, one by one, before the fury of their magic is set loose on an unsuspecting world. In a constant battle to reclaim the elusive and destructive cards, only Sakura's strength of mind and heart will save the world from chaos. Sakura and Li's quest as Cardcaptors introduces two young heroes and a fantastic new world. The new Japanese anime series is produced in Japan by Kodansha Ltd., and is being distributed in North America and the Caribbean by Nelvana International Limited. In addition to the new series airing on Saturday mornings, the lineup will include the return of the “Pokémon” phenomenon with a library of 102 episodes; the ever-vigilant “Batman Beyond” in its third season of 13 all-new episodes; the fourth season of “Men In Black” with 13 comical new episodes; and 13 new high-adrenaline adventure episodes of “Max Steel.” Kids’ WB!'s Monday-Thursday schedule will include “Pokémon” twice a day, in the mornings paired with the Annie Award-winning and Emmy-nominated series “Warner Bros.' Histeria!” In the afternoons, the popular series will return with the two Daytime Emmy-nominated hits “Batman Beyond” and “Men In Black,” and “The Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries.” The Friday morning block also will be unique with a special airing of the pro-social series “Detention” to get ready for "Fraturday" in the afternoons. Also announced today, is the new animated series joining Kids’ WB!'s midseason schedule: * “CUBIX” takes place in Bubble Town, a "normal" city on the far edge of the Universe, where the motto is simple..."a robot for everyone!" Robots are a part of everyday, ordinary life, such as directing traffic, dispensing popcorn, fighting fires and even teaching school! One day, a lonely boy named Bobby scavenged the robot junkyard and made the greatest discovery - his new best friend, Cubix, a discarded one-of-a-kind prototype powered by a unique energy source from another world that provides him with special powers. And his special powers are desperately needed as Bubble Town is menaced by two evildoers -- Dr. K., whose wacky inventions create hysterical mayhem, and the young tyrant Charles IV, the town's high and mighty aristo-brat. These two rascals do nothing but cause trouble, as Bobby, Cubix and their friends solve mysteries, catch criminals and go on hair-raising adventures. From 4Kids Productions, Inc. and executive producer Norman Grossfeld, the same team that brought “Pokémon” to Kids’ WB!, “CUBIX” is a futuristic story of action, adventure and an uncommon friendship.
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