Chris Vrenna To Compose And Produce Main Title Song For Warner Bros. Animation's “Xiaolin Showdown” Set To Air On Kids’ WB!, Beginning November 2003

(October 9, 2003 – Burbank, CA) - Grammy Award winning artist, record producer and music composer Chris Vrenna (AKA Tweaker), formerly of the legendary band Nine Inch Nails, will compose and produce the main title song for Warner Bros. Animation’s new television series “Xiaolin Showdown.” The half-hour, action-comedy-adventure series will debut November 2003 on Kids' WB!, the #1 broadcast network for kids. “Xiaolin Showdown” is a mystical, high-adventure series with the soul of a comedy. The series is based on the ancient mythical Xiaolin martial arts inspired by Chinese monks thousands of years ago. The keys to controlling the powers of good and evil are held within an assortment of sacred objects, called the Shen Gong Wu. These objects, each with unique supernatural powers, can only be captured after an extreme martial art-inspired “Double Dare” showdown occurs. It is a tight race as both sides know that the one who gathers all of the Shen Gong Wu will become an unstoppable force for good…or evil! Aided by the mystical powers of the Shen Gong Wu, each showdown culminates in a fantasy universe showcasing gravity-defying, extreme martial arts skills. "Animation has always been a big influence on me, so I am really very picky about what I like and what I don't like,” said Vrenna. “‘Xiaolin Showdown’ is something pretty dynamic with intense action, so I was very motivated to compose an equally dynamic and memorable theme for it. It’s totally a thrill to be able to do it!” Vrenna is recognized as one of the top producer/composers in the music world, having worked with a 'who's who' of artists such as U2 for “Lara Croft : Tomb Raider,” P.O.D. for “The Scorpion King,” Drowning Pool and Gavin Rossdale for “xXx,” as well as artists including Cold, Nelly Furtado, Weezer, Xzibit and Rob Zombie. In addition to being one of the founders of Nine Inch Nails, Vrenna is also recognized for his current recording incarnation known as Tweaker. Vrenna has also produced and composed music for a number of movies including “Rollerball” and “She's All That,” as well as highly popular video games including “Enter The Matrix,” “American McGee's Alice” and “Quake” (as a member of NIN). More information on Vrenna’s music and background are available at and
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