Melissa Benoist as Supergirl kneeling in debris of city destruction

Supergirl: Season 3

When she was 12 years old, Kara Zor-El escaped the doomed planet Krypton and was sent to Earth where she was protected and raised by her foster parents, and her foster sister, Alex. Under their supervision, Kara learned to conceal the phenomenal powers she shares with her famous cousin, Superman, in order to keep her identity a secret. Years later, Kara was living a “normal” life in National City, working at CatCo Media alongside her friend and IT technician Winn Schott and famous Daily Planet photographer James Olsen. When she embraces her superhuman abilities as Supergirl to become the hero she was always meant to be, she now balances her job at CatCo with her work at the Department of Extra-Normal Operations (DEO), a super-secret government agency where Alex and Winn also work. At first, the head of the DEO, Hank Henshaw, was resistant to Supergirl joining the DEO, until it was revealed that Hank was actually J’onn J’onzz, the Martian Manhunter, who had promised Jeremiah Danvers on his deathbed that he would protect both Alex and Kara. It has since been discovered that Jeremiah is actually alive and being held by Cadmus, a dangerous quasi-military organization that sees all aliens as threats. By day working as a reporter at CatCo, Supergirl continues to help the DEO, protecting the citizens of National City. Along the way, she will team up with Superman to battle new villains, as she strives to balance her personal life with her life as a superhero.

Genre: Action/Adventure


Aftermath of city destruction