Training Day:

Training Day: Season 1

Original Broadcast Date: February 2, 2017

Gritty, emotional, darkly humorous and terrifically intense, Training Day is a reimagining of the groundbreaking film of the same name, beginning 15 years later, and exploring a modern-day Los Angeles in all its guts and glory. Starring Bill Paxton and executive produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, Antoine Fuqua (director of the original film), writer Will Beall, Barry Schindel, Jonathan Littman and director Danny Cannon, Training Day features a dynamic ensemble of actors and explosive action that will keep viewers hooked.

The LAPD's Kyle Craig (Justin Cornwell) is one of the good guys. A rookie cop bumped up to detective in the elite and elusive S.I.S. (Special Investigation Section), a unit that goes after the worst of the worst, he's been tasked by Deputy Chief Lockhart (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) to expose the corruption of veteran cop Frank Rourke (Paxton), a charming but crooked detective—and the head of S.I.S. The morally ambiguous Frank lives by the law of the junglehis personal motto translates to "First, do harm"and he's willing to do whatever it takes to bring down the bad guys, to continue the chase where the law won't. He's even willing to become a monster to do it. Kyle sees Frank as the antithesis of why he became a cop, but when he learns that Frank not only was partners with Kyle's father who was murdered years ago, but may be able to help him solve his father's murder, he keeps his judgment at bay. And as much as Frank thinks he doesn't need anyone, having Kyle, a politically correct poster boy for the new police order, as his trainee could be beneficial as they maneuver the streets and track the city's most dangerous offenders. So as the bullets fly and we enter the undercover world of S.I.S. with these partners who don't trust each other, who's training who?

Genre: Crime/MysteryDrama