Yolanda and the Thief keyart

Yolanda and the Thief

Original Theatrical Date: November 20, 1945

Fred Astaire gracing an imaginative, surreal 16-minute ballet with his wit and unerring dance mastery. A jazzy, glorious-in-Technicolor® street carnival pulsing with movement and music. Director Vincente Minnelli’s lush, savvy sophistication evident in every scene.

These elements highlight Yolanda and the Thief, a ravishingly beautiful fantasy about a con artist (Astaire) in a mythical Latin American country who convinces a naive heiress (Lucille Bremer) that he’s her guardian angel.

It’s a perfect plot to fleece the winsome mark, until love gets other ideas. Ahead of its time in tone and visual style and largely underappreciated at its release, this musical is a real find for fans of bold, inventive filmmaking.

Genre: ComedyMusic/Musicals