Original Theatrical Date: April 30, 1971

A colossal silver airship looms out of the clouds above the English Channel, then is swallowed in a silent mist. This is Germany’s Zeppelin, the most feared air weapon of World War I.

Michael York (Cabaret, Logan’s Run) stars as Lt. Geoffrey Richter-Douglas, a German-born Scot asked by the British to infiltrate a German zeppelin works. Although he knows he’ll be branded as a traitor and mistrusted, he agrees.

In what seems like luck, Richter-Douglas is invited aboard a zeppelin trial run, but that luck turns ominous once airborne.

A German commandant initiates a daring raid over England—and Richter-Douglas finds that his knowledge of the Scottish countryside is the key to the mission’s success.

Hold on tight as this suspenseful adventure—complete with spectacular special effects—takes you soaring.

Genre: DramaAction/Adventure