Medical Center: Season 2

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Original Broadcast Date: September 16, 1970
September 16, 1970

With James Daly and Chad Everett confidently guiding the series, Medical Center entered its second year of television residency and continued to court controversy and stand-out co-stars.

With the tag-team of chief medico Dr. Lochner and super-surgeon Dr. Gannon bringing enough experience and youth to cover any crisis and bridge any generation gap, Medical Center had the prescription for history-making television.

Giving and getting treatment in this 6-Disc, 24-Episode collection are James Shigeta, Phyllis Thaxter, Gary Lockwood, Bradford Dillman, Vera Miles, Stefanie Powers, Iron Eyes Cody, Roddy McDowall and Keenan Wynn, amongst a host of other talents. And the ills confronted include homophobia, class prejudice, drug addiction, sexual assault, malpractice, youth unrest and more.

*Special Bonus - all three variant endings for the Peter Strauss episode "Countdown" are included.



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