Original Broadcast Date: September 20, 2010

Mike & Molly is a comedy about a working-class Chicago couple who finds love in the most unlikely of places. Officer Mike Biggs is an easygoing cop who's found his perfect match in Molly Flynn, an instantly likeable fourth-grade teacher with a great sense of humor. This ability to laugh through life is indispensable for Molly, who still lives at home with her overindulgent sister, Victoria, and smart-talking mother, Joyce.

Sharing the crowded house with a smile proves even more challenging for Mike, so it's no surprise he seeks the companionship of his partner with the Chicago Police Department, Officer Carl McMillan, a fast-talking wise guy who still lives with his grandma, and their friend Samuel, a Senegalese waiter whose dry wit and diner food keeps the cops both fed and in their place.

Add in Joyce's lascivious fiance, Vince, Mike's cantankerous mother, Peggy, her scruffy dog, Jim, and their entire opinionated crowd of family and friends, and it's a wonder Mike and Molly are able to find their own little piece of happiness. But they do.

Genre: ComedySitcom