24 Hours to Kill keyart

24 Hours to Kill

Original Theatrical Date: May 25, 1965

Engine trouble causes an Athens-bound passenger jet to divert to Beirut for a 24-hour layover. “There is no reason to worry,” the pilot announces.

Perhaps there’s no reason while in flight, but there are plenty of reasons on the ground: a crew member’s covert involvement with a gold-smuggling cartel puts the lives of all the crew in danger.

Lex Barker, the handsome star who reigned as the screen’s Tarzan from 1949–53, and movie legend Mickey Rooney headline this tale of jet-set intrigue. Adding to the tale’s international flavor and eye-filling appeal are film locations in colorful Beirut and in the ancient, historically-significant site of Byblos.

Genre: Suspense/Thriller