Original Theatrical Date: December 18, 1956

Director Elia Kazan's 1956 take on Tennessee Williams' ribald tale of a Mississippi child bride and the two men who lust after her was scandalous in its time, and is still steamy today.

Times are tough for cotton-miller Archie (Karl Malden) but at least he has his child-bride (Carroll Baker), who’ll soon be his wife in title and truth. The one-year agreement keeping them under the same roof – yet never in the same bed–is about to end. But a game with a sly business rival (Eli Wallach) is about to begin.

In Baby Doll, as in A Streetcar Named Desire, director Elia Kazan and writer Tennessee Williams broke new ground in depicting sexual situations–earning condemnation by the then-powerful Legion of Decency. They also earned laurels too: four Academy Award nominations, Golden Globe Awards for Baker and Kazan and a British Academy Award for Wallach. Watch this steamy classic that still sizzles!

Genre: Drama