Beyond Rangoon keyart

Beyond Rangoon

Original Theatrical Date: August 25, 1995

Truth has a witness. A young American doctor travels to an exotic land to escape the tragedy of her past only to discover a nation that is, like herself, in crisis—​Beyond Rangoon.

Numb to all emotion after the violent deaths of her husband and son, Dr. Laura Bowman (Patricia Arquette) accompanies her sister (Academy Award winner Frances McDormand) on an organized tour of Asia. But when Laura's passport is lost, she finds herself stranded in Myanmar's capital, Rangoon, a city torn apart by oppression and dissent.

Venturing into the war-ravaged countryside, Laura witnesses the brutality of Myanmar's government and meets people whose loss mirrors her own. The spirituality and gentleness of these people in their peaceful quest for justice arouses Laura's own repressed emotions and propels her on a journey of self-discovery and healing.

Genre: Suspense/ThrillerDrama