Fastest Guitar Alive keyart

The Fastest Guitar Alive

Original Theatrical Date: September 1, 1967

Classic rock 'n' roll star Roy Orbison stars in his only leading film role as Johnny Banner, a fast-talking, fast-picking, fast-fingered thief who's The Fastest Guitar Alive.

During the U.S. Civil War, Banner and his cohorts are sent undercover by the Confederacy to San Francisco on an assignment to rob the Federal Mint. But before they can return to the South with the loot, the war ends. Now, with a fortune on their hands, Banner and friends must decide how to spend the cash.

Orbison essays his lone feature-film role as Johnny, he of the guitar that can twang a chord and riff bullets. The story elementsamiable Indians (including Iron Eyes Cody) "invent" popcorn, a wagonload of cuties tag along with Johnny and, of course, there's that guitarare a ramble, but the tale agreeably frames seven tunes featuring crooner Orbison's signature tremolo. Watch where you point that six-stringer, Roy.

Genre: Music/Musicals