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Femme Fatale

Original Theatrical Date: November 6, 2002

A $10 million diamond rip-off, a stolen identity, a new life married to a diplomat. Laure Ash has risked big and won big. But then a tabloid shutterbug snaps her picture in Paris. Suddenly, enemies from Laure's secret past know who and where she is. And they all want their share of the diamond heist. Or her life. Or both.

Brian De Palma shows again why he's an erotic-thriller master with this edgy mind-blower that's both a gripping stunner and a twisty display of virtuoso filmmaking.

Rebecca Romijn-Stamos plays Laure, a self-admitted "bad girl"… and about to get worse as she ensnares the photographer (Antonio Banderas) in her web of self-preservation. 

An irresistible mix of style and story, Femme Fatale will utterly seduce you.



Genre: Suspense/Thriller