First Family keyart

First Family

Original Theatrical Date: December 25, 1980

Never mind energy shortages, potential nuclear meltdowns and economic breakdowns. In the freewheeling, funny world of First Family, the White House puts first things first: re-electing a President trailing in the polls!

Bob Newhart stars as President Manfred Link in this zany, wonderfully cast comedy from veteran funnyman Buck Henry (Heaven Can Wait, The Graduate). Plenty of problems cuff Link. His rattlebrained wife (Madeline Kahn) and randy daughter (Gilda Radner) are a public-relations nightmare. His U.N. ambassador (Harvey Korman), advisor (Fred Willard) and press secretary (Richard Benjamin) are experts at inexpertise.

Link will do anything to secure a second term. Or will he? Vote for Link—and for the movie that’s a shoo-in for laughs: First Family.

Genre: Comedy