Flamingo Road keyart

Flamingo Road

Original Theatrical Date: May 5, 1949

Academy Award winner Joan Crawford stars as a sideshow dancer whose passion and ambition tear apart a small Florida town that sits along Flamingo Road.

Hard-edged carny dancer Lane Bellamy shakes her curves.and shakes a sleepy Southern burg to its core. Joan Crawford rejoins her Mildred Pierce co-star (Zachary Scott), producer (Jerry Wald) and director (Michael Curtiz) in another steamy saga of a steely dame with gams, guts and a gun.

As Lane, she gyrates into the arms of a local politician and into conflict with the tyrannical town boss (Sydney Greenstreet), who thinks cute little tricks from the wrong side of the tracks ought to stay there. But Lane is determined to cross those tracks for the riches and respectability of the town's toniest address: Flamingo Road.

Genre: Drama