Hands of a Stranger keyart

Hands of a Stranger

Original Theatrical Date: April 20, 1962

Inspired by Maurice Renard’s 1920 novel Les Mains d'Orlac, Hands of a Stranger is tension-filled horror with a classic noir feel.

After a car accident mangles acclaimed concert pianist Vernon Paris’s (James Stapleton) hands, an ambitious doctor (Paul Lukather) replaces them with those of a cadaver. But rather than be grateful that he may again play the piano some day, Paris is enraged—as is his obsessively attentive sister (Joan Harvey).

Worse still, his new hands compel Paris to go on a seemingly unstoppable killing spree, in this terrifying story that also features Laurence Haddon.

WAC Trivia: The first successful long-term hand transplant surgery took place in 1999, nearly 40 years after this film was made, and more than 75 years after the novel that inspired it!

Genre: Suspense/ThrillerMysteryHorror