Original Theatrical Date: March 26, 1938
  • Best Actress - Bette Davis
  • Best Supporting Actress - Fay Bainter

In this 1938 classic, Bette Davis stars in her Academy Award-winning role as the beautiful, charming, ruthless Southern belle who scandalizes New Orleans society—destroying the men who love her—a vixen who earns the name Jezebel .

Julie Marsden (Davis) has a place in New Orleans society and a man who adores her, Preston Dillard (Henry Fonda), but she scandalizes society and her beau when she insists on wearing a stunning red gown to a ball that requires ladies to be dressed in white. Marsden's headstrong action begins a chain of events that will reveal both her raw viciousness and the profound depth of her love and sacrifice for the man she lost.

Fay Bainter also grabbed an Oscar for "Best Supporting Actress," and the film, itself, was nominated for "Best Picture."

Genre: Oscar WinnersDrama